PHP/Mysql Application Development

Based on client’s individual requirements, Ratnam Technologies is capable of developing effective and customized LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) & AJAX – based solutions covering a wide range from relatively small websites to bigger and complex Internet applications. We make sure that we deliver full-featured, scalable and inexpensive web solutions by supplementing the time and cost-saving benefits of open source technologies. You can also hire PHP and MySQL developers from us for all your offshore/onshore web application development requirements.

Ever since its inception, Ratnam Technologies has been investing in customizing and deploying PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) and Open Source Applications. Our exclusive portfolio of web applications on LAMP platform covering various subjects is evidence enough of our skill & knowledge. We ensure expertise in user interface design and thereby make back-end systems extremely user-friendly.

PHP application development frameworks advantages:

Time saving. Frameworks let PHP software developers create a web application rapidly.  When using framework PHP web developers don’t have to think about the structure of applications, switched modules and classes.

Collaboration. Developing web applications in a team using frameworks is much simpler and more convenient. PHP software developers don’t have to care about the programming style or code format – they just have to stick to the style stipulated in the framework. The question of application architecture also falls away.

Constant architecture. When using a framework, all the software development projects will have the same structure of folders and files, which eliminates the need to look the required components everywhere.

 Code compatibility, namely libraries written by PHP web application developers. Software developers just have to realize the required class only once and then move it to the next web application development projects without concerning about its switching and setting as originally it was developed under the architecture of the framework.

Convenient debugging. Most frameworks have their own built-in debugger which allows finding bugs more quickly and getting detailed information about the error during PHP application development.

There are many PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, Akelos, Prado, etc. but the most widely spread ones are Zend, CakePHP, Symfony and Yii.

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PHP/Mysql Application Development

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