Web Application Development

Web application development is a process of developing web applications such as Portals, online shopping cart, online finance management and many other functions. Ratnam Technologies web applications are written in a standard format such as HTML (or XHTML) and coded in a browser supported language like JavaScript. Over the years, a large number of web application development languages or tools have evolved. Each language or tool is capable of providing some unique feature for web development. At times, the web developer has to integrate multiple web languages to meet client requirements.

We at, Web Application Development are endowed with a team of talented & experienced web developers having worked on higher-end web projects including WAP/WML website development. We work on almost all the advanced web technologies like PHP,  Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, ColdFusion, Java EE, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby (+Ruby on Rails), CGI, Wt (Web toolkit) etc.

Our Application Development Process:

•    Analysis of client’s Needs & Expectations
•    Solution & Technology Proposal
•    Development Planning
•    Design & User Interface Creation
•    Programming of the UI & Administrator Consoles
•    QA, Testing & Improvements
•    Setup on the Live Server – Beta Launch
•    Final Launch
•    Support & Maintenance

Web Application Development Services:


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